TERRA UNA is an NGO that since 2003 has been working with systemic vision of how to help humanity lead a life in harmony with the planet, with others, and with oneself, thus making possible the complete development of the human being.

Working in three different states in Brazil, in urban as well as rural areas, TERRA UNA creates EVENTS and developsPROJECTS in the areas of social-environmental, artistic-cultural, economic, therapeutic and educational development. Among the projects under development the most prominent is the TERRA UNA ECO-VILLAGE, the headquarters of the NGO, located in the midst of nature, in the Area of Environmental Protection of the Mantiqueira Mountains, in the municipality of Liberdade/MG.

For the development and coordination of these trans-disciplinary projects, TERRA UNA relies on a team consisting of 20 people, joining professionals from many different areas such as: social and environmental managers, biologists and agronomists, economists, architects, permaculture and bio-construction designers, social and environmental educators, therapists, journalists, designers, artists, cultural producers and more.

In our internal organization, we practice circular governance, without hierarchy, in the way that all our decisions are made through consensus. Our objectives lie not only in achieving our goals, but also in continually improving our relationships and processes.

As we are well aware of the importance of strengthening and acting through networks, TERRA UNA has been promoting meetings for the Mantiqueira bio-region for the last 3 years, and is a member of ENA-BR ( the Brazilian Eco-village Network ), as well as the CONAPAM ( Consulting Council of the Area of Environmental Protection of the Mantiqueira ). TERRA UNA also participates in other networks of the third sector, and acts through partnerships with public as well as private institutions for the development of activities.

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